$49.95/Tape/2hrs. Quantity Discount Available

For years, our VHS to DVD conversion services have been trusted by countless customers. We've handled thousands of such conversions, and as such, we've got the experience and skills necessary to handle any VHS to DVD conversion you require!

VHS TO DVD Service

Get started with your VHS to DVD conversion today by simply filling out our Film Transfer DC order form. We are capable of taking orders for VHS to DVD conversion, SVHS to DVD conversion and VHS-C to DVD conversion!

Get Top-Notch Service and Save a Bundle on Your VHS to DVD Conversion!

Film Transfer DC offers our customers with a discount pricing program, giving you a fantastic way to save money on your order while still getting the best service and outcome. Our discount pricing program will drop the VHS to DVD conversion price from our standard $49.95 per tape to as little as $8.99 per tape (with large quantity order)! Our discounts can also be applied to slide scanning, negative scanning, photo scanning, wide range of film transfer, and audio transfer services - all for a full year before you are automatically taken off the program.

VHS TO DVD Transfer Process

We Playback In A VCR

Your tape is played back in a VCR with a TBC activated. This takes care of most of tracking and frame synchronizing issues.

Setting 2 DVD Recorder

By using Pioneer DVD recorders, we connect the VCR that plays back the VHS tape and then to a TV monitor (with underscan function).


All recording is done in a real time. After recording is done, VHS tape is finalized so that it could be read in other DVD players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Film Transfer DC, we can transfer your VHS to digital format for simple editing on your home PC. For as little as $49.95 for iMovie or H.264 video, or as little as $75.00 for uncompressed .AVI files for PC per two-hour tape, you can add a digital file to your DVD transfer with a specialized discounted account. If digital files are preferred over DVDs, our members can receive their files for as little as $13.99 for iMovie or H.264 video, or $16.99 (depending on the quantity) for uncompressed .AVI for PCs per two-hour tape.

All your digital transfer file orders can be placed over the phone, as well as arranging for delivery of a suitably-sized hard-drive. Call us at 571-252-3715 or 301-238-5949 and place your VHS to digital file conversion order today!

There are a number of reasons why you should consider transferring your VHS tapes over to digital format:

▪           VHS tapes degrade quickly over time due to their magnetic media. In as little as five years, noticeable degradation can occur.

▪           An increasing number of people no longer have VCRs, with replacement parts being tough to find. With a vast library of VHS tapes that are no longer capable of being watched, another option needs to be sought, in the form of converting them to DVD format.

▪           DVDs come with numerous advantages over VHS tapes. DVDs can be copied without any loss of quality, and they take up a lot less space than VHS cassettes!

All our conversions are dealt with on a one-on-one basis,for up to two hours per tape. With VHS cassettes recorded in standard mode, this is no problem. However, there are VHS cassettes that can hold up to even eight hours of footage if they were recorded in LP or EP/ELP mode. If your tape might be holding over two hours of video, feel free to download our 2+ hour production form, and be sure to include it with your order. We'll then create additional DVDs from each further 0-2 hour segment of video on your cassette, and will be in touch with you regarding placing an additional order for any extra DVDs that are needed.

File Transfer DC accepts most formats of videotape for converting to digital, and we can transfer any VHS cassettes, VHS-C tapes or SVHS tapes to DVDs.

Of course! When we are done completing your order, we'll be happy to send you back your original VHS, SVHS or VHS-C tapes, as well as your new DVDs!

If we at File Transfer DC cannot transfer your VHS tapes, be it because they are either broken or blank, we'll be sure to credit you the price of the transfer back to your credit card within 7 to 10 days after your order has been shipped back. If your cassette is capable of being repaired, we offer VHS cassette repair services to repair your tape. We'll get in contact with you with the name of the broken cassette, and you will be able to decide whether or not you'd like up to fix the tape and continue with transferring the video footage, or return the tape to you without repairing or transferring it.

What Are VHS Tapes?

VHS is short for Video Home System, a video recording standard put in place back in 1971 by JVC. VHS cassette tapes measure in at 7 3/8" wide x 4" high x 1" deep, and utilize 1/2 magnetic tape as its recording medium. The most common VHS tapes are T-120, and are capable of recording up to 2 hours of footage in standard definition.