As low as $0.25/slide for 5000 or more slides

All of those old slides that you have stored are in danger of being ruined. As each day passes, they are diminishing in quality. Their color is fading, they’re being scratched, and they may even start to stain. By scanning your slides onto digital format, you’ll have a much better way to preserve your slides in a safer way.

Get Top-Notch Slide Scanning Service

Each slide we work with inevitably will need some level of correction over time, considering the fact that color slides will scratch and shift color as time goes on. And if the slides have not been stored in ideal conditions, their deterioration will take place even faster.

✓         Repairing and scanning slides by hand, one at a time

✓         High 10MP resolution

✓         Safety guaranteed

✓         Competitive pricing

✓         10 Business Days processing available upon request*

How Does it Work?


Collect all the slides that you will like to transfer. Put them in a order you will like to scan


We digitally clean the slides through our built in slide scanning software by an experienced technician.


Slides can be output to 2000, 3000 or 4000 DPI as jpg or Tiff. They can be saved on thumb drive or a DVD as a RAW Data.

Quality of Handcrafted Scanning

You probably have a pile of old slides with your family memories stored somewhere, still in their original format. By keeping them in this format, they risk deteriorating very quickly, and therefore you risk losing those precious memories forever. The best thing you can do is have them scanned by a professional scanning service and transferred onto digital format for safe-keeping. At Film Transfer DC, yo can expect your slides to he handled very carefully and delicately. We never run them through an automated process, leaving them in the hands of software to handle everything. Instead, we scan your slides one at a time, by hand. Every slide needs to be examined by a trained and experienced technician with a good eye and steady hands. It’s this manual processing that sets us apart from our competition.